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 Orange peel cleaning services have been Traditional window cleaners in Peterlee for a few  years now, cleaning shops, pubs, houses and flats, using traditional method (using a ladder) and now reach and wash water fed pole system our Peterlee based window cleaners can clean windows on commercial or domestic buildings up to 4th floor or 9 meters high (max hse height for a ladder) and can clean in places most of the other traditional window in Peterlee can't reach these days, we like to use the Traditional method for window cleaning, but If your windows are over the 4th floor or 9 meters in height you may need our reach and wash system, as using ladders goes against the health and saftey guidlines for window cleaning with the use of portable ladders. 

 Our window cleaners now have the  use of the Reach and Wash cleaning system or high reach cleaning system, it is in a way of working from the safety of the ground using telescopic water fed poles to clean windows, fascias or guttering.With current legislation it is seen as the safer alternative over the use of ladders. Many accidents occur every year from positioning the ladder on unsteady ground, we are able to get to windows unreachable by ladders. The reach and wash is also very good at cleaning solar panels, skylights, guttering and fascias.                   

 we use pure water for the reach and wash system not tap water, our water goes through a reverse osmosis unit where it is  softened and all silt, sand,chalk and fluoride is removed, it then passes through a resin which de-ironises 

*It may take 2 cleans to remove the all of the years of soap suds on the glass if we have to come back the re-clean is on free.


 We are very competative with our prices, residential window cleaning in Peterlee / domestic window cleaning in Peterlee starts at just £5, Shop window cleaning start at just £3, 

 At orange peel cleaning we are always trying to keep our customers happy with the level of service they get for the price that they pay for their window cleaning, fascia cleaning and gutter cleaning  we are always trying to go that little step further trying to beat the cowboy window cleaners in Peterlee giving all the good window cleaners in Peterlee a bad name, we are fully insured up to 4th floor on ladders unlimited with the reach and wash, and we have plenty of years behind us in window cleaning. If you are not happy with the service you have received from our window cleaners please call the number below, or email us, we will always be happy to come back and do the job again or find you on to another window cleaner in or around Peterlee.


 We have always asked customers to tell us if we have made a mistake or you feel the window cleaning is not good enough, good and bad feedback is good for our business as it helps us correct a problem with our staff or our services we provide to many customers in and around the Peterlee areas.


 "Our window cleaners clean the whole window not just the glass"  


Gutter Cleaning

 Gutters are normally cleaned after autumn after the leaves have fallen making it easier for the rain to flow to the down pipe, whilst cleaning the fascias and soffits to make your home look nice and clean right up until the following autumn. 


Solar Panel Cleaning

When you first had solar panels installed you probably did not even consider the need to keep them clean. Most panels have a glass surface just like windows and so they get dirty just like your windows. The position of the panels are more prone to bird droppings and other things on the surface. Unlike house windows the panels on your roof need to have a clean and clear surface to make them work at their maximum efficiency. If they are not at their best performance it means they are not producing the amount of electricity that they should be. From  standing on the ground the panels may appear to be clean, just like your windows. But when you get closer you can see the grime that has built up from the dirt and dust in the air prices start at just £1.50 per panel including frame.

Our Solar Panel cleaners in Southampton Currently work using the reach and wash system with a special brush made for solar panels, we will not damage them or weaken them in any way, our Peterlee window cleaners have the equipment to reach most solar panels as our window cleaner services we offer we can reach above 9 meters in height safe and quick.  


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* Please note:

 *Regular window cleaning is done on 4 or 8 week basis and 1st clean will be price and a half to double the regular price.

 *Payment can must be made by cash for the first clean and  then cash or online payments (via your bank) accepted.

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