Using our services
1, By using our service you are deemed to be in a verbal agreement to use our service as agreed , with the agreed price at the regular intervals agreed, failure to read these terms and conditions is not a acceptable excuse and shall not be a valid reason in law,  you shall be in agreement that any money owed shall be paid in the agreed time and manner unless ,
1A, You have spoken directly to your window cleaner and a payment plan has been agreed by your window cleaner,
1B, In the event of death of the client,
 Payment and Defaults
2, All customers shall be expected to pay in the agreed time in the agreed manner, however in the event of non payment you shall be given 14 days to bring accounts up to date, Failure to do so will result in,
2A, The customer being charged £20.00 (every 4 weekly) as a late payment fee on top of the outstanding amounts,
2B,The debts be passed to a recovery agent a charge of £200.00 shall be added to your account, (this is not a charge from the recovery teams you shall here from them directly), 
2C, should your account reach £450.00 you agree that we may take goods from your property ,  including any cars , vans or motorbikes without a warrant of entry or warrant to remove goods  at any time of day or night.
 Cancelling your agreement with us
3, We require 4 weeks notice to cancel the agreed service, this can be done in person , email , text message or phone call,  unless,
3A,  you owe money for that agreement, all debts must be cleared before you can cancel any agreement,
4,  By using our services you agree to,
4A, Be bound by common law only, not government legislation or acts of parliament with no exceptions,
4B, Agree to all terms and conditions herein.